North West Recovery Communities is a community led partnership of people and services who are passionate about promoting recovery from Alcohol and Drugs. The partnership delivers a range of opportunities for people to be exposed to “Recovery is Possible” through a range of different activities, discussions, groups, drop in sessions and social events that take place in a range of community venues across North West. These are organised, led and delivered by local people in recovery,
their families, supporters and a range of staff from local services who work in partnership with the recovery communities networks. The approach is informed by a Recovery Orientated System of Care (ROSC), a model that values the contributions of all, recognises the vital role of personal and community assets and believes that recovery is achievable for all who seek it.
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Where are we?

North West Recovery Communities supports the delivery of a range of recovery settings across NW Sector. It plans and co-ordinates the delivery of this work from its premises at 80 St Vincent Terrace near Anderson. It is within walking distance of NW Sector Health & Social Care Partnership office at William Street and has excellent bus links. It is a shop front that can be located amongst the high flats off St. Vincent Street. Visitors to the NW Recovery Co-ordinating Centre have found their way there by taking the set of stairs next to the Concierge Station and walking straight ahead.

You can’t miss the yellow sign and the butterfly above our office. Parking is at a premium but there is some for short periods of time within the carpark.

It is a Recovery Co-ordinating Centre, enabling volunteers and staff supporters to plan recovery work within NW. It is used to deliver training and provide a contact point. The venue will be used to plan the expansion of recovery opportunities across the whole of North West.

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What our Volunteers Say

The Women’s Group is a safe place where women from all different backgrounds can come together and support each other...- Sharon
I’ve been around John now for over a year and never really known that much about him. I really learned a lot more in that ten minutes about him on a personal level that I did in the last year...- Andy, NW Recovery Volunteer
I have a passion for the work of North West Recovery Communities. I’ve been encouraged to share my experience with new Volunteers, to support and inspire my peers and take the organisation to greater heights...- Martin - NW Recovery Volunteer
The people involved in North West Recovery Communities are like a family to me. We support each other, help each other realise their potential and make recovery available to all...- Linny - NW Recovery Volunteer